VR Consulting


Incentive and consulting for Virtual Reality

Headroom.one wants to excite you for Virtual Reality. We will introduce you and your team to VR as a new medium in presentations and training events, including showcases, workshops and demonstrations. The goal is to find out if and in what way your company and your customers can profit from Virtual Reality. We are also looking forward to answering your questions about processes, lines of approach, tools and collaborations.


We support you at planning, implementation and supporting your VR projects from early ideas, creative design and programming to its launch. Our experienced team consists of conceptual designers and artists, 3D-artists, programmers and project managers. We are competent in programming for all popular Virtual Reality platforms and can optimize your project for one or multiple platforms. Be prepared!

Support and more:

After completing development and launch, you can still rely on us as a partner for supporting your project. Apart from developing additional features, we also offer ongoing quality management and maintenance and training your colleagues and customers. Dive into new waters!

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"This is the closest thing to Science Fiction you can be doing right now." Kenneth Scott, Oculus

A VR Headset
Virtual Reality from Munich